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Kulki Airsoft Surgeon RWA ABS Precision Grade

The purpose of this review is to check the manufacture and performance of Airsoft Surgeon RWA ABS Precision pellets. We will test the precise, weight, texture, cooperation with mid-cap magazines, deformations after hitting the hard target and - last but not least - how they "fly".

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TEST: Farby Nuprol UFP

Wszystkim znane są doskonale legendarne już farby Krylon, NFM, Fosco... Niedawno tak dawno temu otrzymaliśmy do sprawdzenia farby marki Nuprol. Jak wypadły? Sami zobaczcie!

TEST: Theta Optics (#3) - Scopes

Third and the last part of Theta Optics sights test. This time we focus on three scopes, which have been provided to us. How have they made it? Check this out!

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With AK replicas from CYMA spread everwhere around us, E&L premium ones rise a lot of emotions. So, we decided to take a closer look at them. Behold E&L AKM.

Force Core FC-A104-C (by E&L) - steel monolith

We present you AKSU made by E&L fore Force Core. How does present and works "economy" E&L version? Check this out yourself!

Nuprol Ultra Flat Paint

Everyone perfectly knows legendary paints by Krylon, NFM or Fosco... With the development of widely-understood military market there appear new manufacturers launching their own or just branding already existing paints. Not so long ago, we have got paints made by Nuprol to provide them a test. How they do the job? Check this out!

Revision Sawfly ballistic spectacles

As it is commonly know, good eye protection is the essantial requirement to be allowed for airsoft skirmishes. Using poor quality goggles or glasses may result in different disturbances - from fogging to damaging or even losing one's sight. The majority of local players tends to use safety glasses providing protection on level complaint with CE EN 166F standard (protection against low-speed projectiles up to 45 m/s). They do not completly guarantee 6 mm pellet penetration protection though.

FASTLINK - Tiger's Eye ballistic spectacles

Some time ago Taiwangun store announced new arrival to its offer, that was supposed to be complaint with ballistic standards. The producer of this glasses is Edge Eyewear - company which ensures about rigorous tests of each one model launched to the market.


Wisport ZipperFox

It is the most recent product from Polish manufacturer - Wisport. The possibility of total unzipping presents the more and more popular approach in a branch for precise planning of equipment and  an access to specific items. ZipperFox backpack was checked both considering this and usage in the field during several hiking trips in mountains. Did we like it? Check it out!

Theta Optics (#3) - Scopes

Some time ago Gunfire store introduced quite significant set of Theta Optics products to it's offer. We have managed to test red dot sights, which performed quite well in conducted tests (Theta Optics (#1) - open sights; Theta Optics (#2) - tube sights). Are scopes going to follow the company motto and assure "clear view on your battlefield"? Are their worth our atention and money? With our tests we tried to answer this question as accurately as possible. Check this out!

Theta Optics (#1) - Open red dot sights
Theta Optics (#2) - tube reflex sights

Second part of our test of Theta Optics sights. This time we tooka a closer look at tube sights. In the next, last part we will present you scopes.



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